Your network’s security is highly dependent upon the integrity of the credentials used to gain access. The integrity of those credentials may be determined by services outside your control. While your servers exist on a router and switch-based network, the credentials presented to those servers for access are supported by a trust network. Network status needs to extend beyond IP addresses and service availability to include trust and the integrity of connections, resources, and users.

TrustMonitor™ provides continuous monitoring of the trust network by:

  • Analyzing content & constraints for validity of credentials
  • Monitoring that certificate authorities are available to support validation
  • Easily scaling to incorporate new certificate authorities (no agent required)
TrustMonitor™ delivers instant notifications, impact analysis, and trend information for the real-time situational awareness needed to assess risks and minimize service outages.

TrustMonitor™ provides access to both real-time and historic trend information relating to specific incidents, as well as reporting and alert features to support incident response handling.  

Key Features:

  • 24/7 Certificate Authority, CRL, and OCSP monitoring: Real-time global insight from the cloud for certificate relationships
  • Event notification: Minimize the response times of enterprise support & help desks
  • Analytics module: Measure and benchmark performance, outages and event resolution
  • Non-proprietary: Provide, ensure and monitor certification authorities independent of vendor or OS
  • Detection and monitoring of services requires no agent on certificate authorities

ROCA Vulnerability Test:

Every digital certificate user needs to be aware of the ROCA vulnerability discovered by researchers at Masaryk University in the Czech Republic, and most importantly, whether their identity credentials are susceptible to this weakness.

Using the same detection code authored by the researchers, CertiPath created the free TrustMonitor ROCA Vulnerability Test tool that can accept bulk certificates or certificate bundles (p7b) and provide immediate results. Also provided is a set of test certificates containing vulnerable keys that can be used to confirm any ROCA test tool’s capabilities.

The tool requires no registration or software to be downloaded and can be accessed now at

How it Works

TrustMonitor™ works by monitoring PKI distribution points for all of the PKIs in any given trust fabric and verifying the validity and integrity of the Certification Authorities (CA), OCSP infrastructure and Certificate Revocation Lists (CRL) hosted at those locations. TrustMonitor™ then examines these objects and reports on any changes to them since they were last examined.

The Results

The results are contextualized and visualized within the TrustMonitor™ interface, which provides a high-level visual depiction of the PKIs in the federated community and their various trust chain artifacts, trust relationships and problem conditions that have been encountered. In addition, TrustMonitor™ provides email and/or text messages to designated personnel when alerts arise. The notification threshold and PKIs for which alerts are enabled are determined by the local administrators.


  • Discovery of CA certificates, OCSP servers and Certificate Revocation Lists
  • Active monitoring of CA, CRL, and OCSP
  • Alerting for conditions that affect usability of PKI
  • Real time visualization of the entire trust fabric
  • Predictive notifications before issues arise

ICAM Proofcards

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