TrustVisitor™ is a state of the art, enterprise visitor management platform designed specifically for Federal agencies who are utilizing HSPD-12/FIPS 201 physical access. It handles the complete life cycle of a wide range of visitor and visit types including visitors attending meeting and conferences, mobile employees needing workspace, new and temporary contractors as well as maintenance and facilities staff.

TrustVisitor™ allows employees to create events and associate visitors with an event. Email based workflows allow visitors to enter their details ahead of arrival, allowing for pre-screening and pre-approval. The workflows also allow visitors to register compatible identity cards such as Personal Identity Verification (PIV), Common Access Card (CAC), Personal Identity Verification – Interoperable (PIV-I), Commercial Identity Verification (CIV), etc. so they can be used by Trust Visitor to authorize access to the facility hosting the meeting. Visitors without compatible cards can present government issued photo IDs and be issued temporary CIV cards for access to the facility. Trust Visitor also supports the issuance of temporary cards to employees who have forgotten or lost their permanent cards. Trust Visitor is the first visitor management platform to implement the latest visitor requirements in NIST SP 800-116-1.

TrustVisitor™ Features:

  • web based on premise or cloud application
  • multi-tier architecture for performance and high availability
  • Mobile and workstation UI
  • Integrates with Physical Access Control System (PACS), APL compliant validation systems, Identity Management Systems (IDMS) and Identity and Access Management (IAM) systems
  • Supports high availability data storage
TrustVisitor™ understands large agencies with numerous facilities. We have extensive integration with Active Directory(AD). TrustVisitor uses AD group membership for authentication, access control and authorization. It also uses the user location information as well as the meeting room data for visitor events. Your users will be given the most likely information to choose from right from the beginning saving time and avoiding frustration.

How it Works

CertiPath’s TrustVistor™ and TrustManager™ are designed to permit visitors into an area utilizing a repeatable and automated experience. With the CertiPath solution, all visitors interact with the same system; all visit requests are administered from the same interface. Once approved, TrustVisitor provides all the necessary provisioning information to the PACS (or to each of the PACS) associated with the visitor’s approved access. No human interaction is required.

TrustVisitor™ is not only a point of aggregation for all the PACS across all the facilities in an enterprise; it is also a point of aggregation for visitor credential issuance when paired with TrustManager. TrustVisitor™ distinguishes between visitor requests by persons with approved interoperable credentials and visitor requests by persons without approved interoperable credentials.

The bundled solution allows the facility owner to effectively manage all visitor experiences in a compliant manner. CertiPath TrustVisitor and TrustManager are as adept at handling a worldwide network of campuses as they are at handling a single building. TrustVisitor™ allows visitors to select the campus and specific facility they intend to visit. For greatest control, approvers can be assigned at any level. TrustManager may be deployed as a cloud service for credentialing across an unlimited number of locations and the enrollment stations can be configured to run in standalone or network mode. TrustVisitor™ is integrated with many of the FIPS 201 Approved Product List (APL) PACS and more are being added with each release.

ICAM Proofcards

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