Evolving Identity

The information security industry continues to make great strides in protecting infrastructure and data, but even with frequent advances these state of the art defenses fall short in one major area – trust based on identity.


Most recent high-profile data breaches have demonstrated that credentials can no longer be taken at face value, yet most of the security infrastructure tools faithfully deployed and maintained by enterprise customers are designed primarily for combatting network and email based threats.

Evolving Identity Analytics

  • Inform Issuers of compliance problems using their credentials
  • Track and analyze identity service levels and providers
  • Alert relying parties to anomalies within the trust fabric or providers
  • Recognize identity threats at one site and alert subscribers & relying parties system-wide
  • Provide system-wide metrics on identity usage, credential aging, and policy compliance
Making the case for better identity analytics and enforcement as part of the enterprise security model requires that the industry acknowledge the need for better identity awareness and self healing, system-wide identity ecosystem that is able to provide real-time feedback and continuous vetting of who we trust with our business and personal online assets.

Identity Risks

Information systems security is only as good as the people and credentials you trust. Recent high profile data breaches have shined a spotlight on the risks of “trusted” identities.

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Identity Availability

IT services are subject to identity-based availability issues, outages, and malicious attacks which can prevent user access to applications, emails, and other mission critical infrastructure and services.

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Evolving Identity

High-profile data breaches have demonstrated that credentials can no longer be taken at face value. The IT industry needs identity-based intrusion and threat analysis that is as evolved as network security tools.

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CertiPath focuses on the use of digital identity in the modern connected world. Trusted digital identities are one of the most important components to securing your network, data and buildings but achieving ubiquitous trust online has been a challenge for 30 years.

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