About Us

Our Mission

CertiPath develops and promotes ground-breaking technologies and services that enable high assurance credentials in support of the role identities play in Network Security. Knowing who is in your network and that they have been validated is a cornerstone of Cyber Security.


CertiPath was founded in 2004 to solve one of the most difficult problems in online security: determining whether a digital identity validly represents a person or “thing” requesting access to a network. Trusted digital identities are critical to the security of networks, data and facilities. The heart of CertiPath’s success is our unparalleled experience with creating innovative, scalable products and services that ensure the highest levels of validation for digital identities that attempt to access customers’ networks.


CertiPath believes in the importance of identities and the role they play in securing the network. With an enormous increase in the use of high assurance credentials, have come large numbers of credential issuers. Identities have a significant effect on your data’s security, holding those identities to the highest level of validation provides the basis of trust within your network. Understanding the validity of every credential before your organization relies on it and importantly, the validity of those who issued it, in real time every time, is an integral component of your network security. This belief is the foundation of our Products and Services. Providing solutions that address the use, validation and integration of high assurance identities is the cornerstone of CertiPath.


CertiPath has carefully selected its leadership team from several areas of expertise. Our dynamic and diverse cultural background helps up when addressing complex challenges in a continuously changing landscape of technology and policies. We drive innovative solutions through our most valuable asset; our employees.

Leadership Team

Jeff Nigriny
Chief Executive Officer and Founder

Tina Davis
Chief Financial Officer

Daniel Myslewski
VP of Sales & Marketing

Paul Retzbach
Chief Operating Officer

George Baker
Chief Information Security Officer