An Intelligent Router for Identity

Your organization has grown. You may have acquired other groups and you have done the work to standardize your onboarding and badging processes, but your facilities represent operational silos and islands. In the best of cases, you have transitioned to an enterprise PACS. More than likely, however, your organization may have multiple instances of a particular brand of PACS or a few “one-off” locations running their own physical access control.

There must be some way to automate the provisioning of personnel, as they are badged, to the PACS and to assign them perimeter access to get them in the door. In a post-pandemic world, isn't there a way we can enroll all our personnel without requiring them to visit an enrollment station? We developed TrustManager to address that problem.

Robust PIAM

TrustManager is a Version 2.0 Physical Identity Access Manager, or PIAM. First-generation PIAMs struggled to support multiple credential types and did not achieve full technical interoperability with high-assurance credentials such as PIV-based smart cards. Most PIAM deployments became custom software engagements as vendors attempted to work through interoperability challenges with Identity Management Systems (IDMS), Credential Management Systems (CMS), and PACS. Today’s new PIAMs leverage the maturity of the identity and electronic access control spaces and bring fresh innovation to enterprise-class scale challenges.

LACS-Style Security for PACS

Drawing on CertiPath’s 20 years of cyber experience, TrustManager augments PACS with security features that people take for granted in other enterprise IT systems. Single Sign-On, Single Sign-off, and automated access provisioning are new ground in PACS but are the default in Logical Access Control Systems (LACS). Extensive APIs and an unparalleled understanding of identity data have now made it possible for these capabilities to be ubiquitous across all forms of enterprise access control.



Key Features/Differentiators