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The CertiPath High Assurance Trust Environment is governed by the CertiPath Policy Management Authority (PMA), a member-driven committee chaired by CertiPath.

The PMA is responsible for maintaining the documentation upon which the federated trust is based, ensuring continuing adherence to the membership criteria of Federated Trust by its members, and facilitating interoperability across the federated trust environment.

Each CertiPath Bridge member organization has voting membership on the CertiPath PMA. All prospective members must undergo review by the PMA and a vote before being admitted to membership in the trust framework. In this manner, the CertiPath trust community maintains its high level of integrity and the current membership is directly involved in the decision-making.


Certificate Policy - PDF

2021 CertiPath, Inc. WTCA Report - PDF

Criteria and Methodologies - PDF

Key Recovery Policy (KRP) - PDF

CertiPath Object Identifiers Arc - PDF

Judith Spencer

Judith Spencer had over 36 years with the federal government, beginning her career in cryptographic equipment repair, before moving to public key technology and identity management. Much of her government career was as an Information Technology Manager for Identity Management with the General Services Administration (GSA). Most recently, she was instrumental in aligning various agencies and organizations around unified logical and physical credentialing of Federal employees as directed in Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12, Policy for a Common Identification Standard for Federal Employees and Contractors (HSPD12).

At CertiPath, Judith helps to track trends and policies in the identity provisioning and management market helping to guide both the company and the industry in the adoption of more robust and usable standards. Judith also serves as the Chair of the CertiPath Policy Management Authority where she manages and maintains CertiPath’s Certificate Policy, prepares operational guidance to CertiPath’s community, and partners with the U.S. Federal PKI Policy Authority to ensure alignment on identity management matters.

Judith has a Masters Degree from University of Maryland, College Park.

Voting Membership
Each CertiPath Bridge member organization has voting membership on the CertiPath PMA.