The IT security industry is suffering from an identity crisis. Intruders are becoming more skilled at impersonating legitimate users, gaining unrestricted access to critical assets, and rendering network-based security measures all but useless. With identity-based attacks becoming the new norm, knowing, really knowing, who you’re doing business with requires not only reliable credentials, but a real-time analysis of how identities and credential authorities are being applied to gain access to your systems.

Identity Risks

Information systems security is only as good as the people and credentials you trust. Recent high profile data breaches have shined a spotlight on the risks of “trusted” identities.

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Identity Availability

IT services are subject to identity-based availability issues, outages, and malicious attacks which can prevent user access to applications, emails, and other mission critical infrastructure and services.

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Evolving Identity

High-profile data breaches have demonstrated that credentials can no longer be taken at face value. The IT industry needs identity-based intrusion and threat analysis that is as evolved as network security tools.

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The next wave of systems security measures will not come from deeper analysis of network traffic or content, it will instead evolve from a better understanding of WHO we are allowing to access our assets. User and systems identity is the key to trusted access. CertiPath has been designing, analyzing, and validating the use of identity credentials for security conscious clients for over a decade. CertiPath’s Trust-family of Identity Security products was designed to address the gap left by network security solutions and expose the threats posed by intruders intent on bypassing traditional security infrastructure under the guise of a trusted identity.

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