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The U.S. federal government introduced the Personal Identity Verification (PIV) credential in 2005 when the Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) 201 was originally issued.

Personal Identity Verification Interoperability (PIV-I) for Non-Federal Issuers guidance was developed in 2010 to extend the FIPS 201 standard to non-federal organizations and individuals. Its specific purpose is to enable credential issuers to establish processes that ensure that the credentials they issue are not only interoperable with the readers that are designed for PIV credentials but also can be trusted as meeting the same rigor for issuance and management.

The federal PIV program includes more than 5 million active federal employees and contractors with PIV cards. PIV-I expands the success of this program to include non-federal Issuers. Conservative estimates for the number of active PIV-I credentials to be issued exceeds 25 million, serving non-executive federal, state, and local agencies; first-responder organizations; industry; and other entities.

CertiPath is the only commercial bridge approved to certify PIV-I credential providers, as listed at idmanagement.gov. CertiPath Certified PIV-I providers are Premium Service members that undergo an extra measure of review and approval that ensures that they adhere to the requirements of the PIV-I profiles. This review and approval process includes thorough testing of providers’ PIV-I card capabilities. The process is repeated annually to ensure that the CertiPath PIV-I providers maintain the high level of trust required for PIV-I. As an added benefit CertiPath PIV-I providers also attain CertiPath Certified Credential Provider (3CP)TM status. Organizations interested in becoming CertiPath certified PIV-I providers should begin by contacting CertiPath.

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