ICAM Proof Cards Use Cases

Physical Access


What use cases demonstrate the need for the ICAM ProofCards™?

  • System owners deploying OMB M11-11 conformant solutions How do you provide proof during Certification and Accreditation that a given system properly uses PIV or PIV-I credentials? How do you know the system is still operating effectively over time? Configuration changes can and will occur. ICAM ProofCards™ provide the most complete set of profiles that are operationally relevant to this testing. They support known manipulations of credentials. They directly answer the challenge: is my system OMB M-11-11 conformant – now and in the future.

Know your system works, right out of the box

  • PACS OEM Manufacturers

As an OEM, how am I to simulate all the different credentials, valid and invalid paths and good/bad PKI elements that exist in the operational environment? OEMs, facility owners and access control auditors have asked this question since the introduction of PIV almost a decade ago.

The GSA FICAM APL lab uses Test Cards as a major component of the test bed. As an OEM, how can I know whether my system will pass this testing?

ICAM ProofCards are CertiPath’s answer to this question and to the test tool gap. ICAM ProofCards™ technically mirror the test cards that will be used to evaluate your system when submitted to the GSA FICAM APL lab.

ICAM ProofCards provide a set of golden and faulted cards, ensuring that the system under development properly uses PIV and PIV-I credentials. ICAM ProofCards augment your testing program to handle boundary conditions and attack vectors, providing the greatest assurance for compliance and system robustness.

Take the cost and guess work out of test cards. ICAM ProofCards™ represent the most advanced set of PIV and PIV-I test cards ever created. There is no need to setup vast test PKIs, IDMSs, CMSs, and directory infrastructures. ICAM ProofCards are a tremendous value at a fraction of the cost of creating your own test bench while providing advanced test cases the access control market has not yet contemplated. ICAM ProofCards™ allow you to literally attack your system with both good and malicious credentials. There is simply no better way to test PIV-based access control today.