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FIPS 201 requires you to have PIV credentials. OMB M-11-11 requires you to use them in your access control systems – both logical and physical. FICAM’s PIV in EPACS provides the requirements for implementing PIV and PIV-I in PACS but still, high level mandates can leave you wondering:

  • What does it mean to be PIV or PIV-I enabled?
  • How do I test my access control system for conformance to these mandates and the associated guidance such as NIST SP-800-116?
  • How do I test my system for compatibility with the PIV and PIV-I credentials available on the market?
  • How do I know if my system will handle a malicious credential? Does my system defend against known threats correctly?

The technical complexity of high assurance identity credentials becomes increasingly daunting.

To date, there have been no tools or specific training to help access control system manufacturers, LACS or PACS, attempting to PIV-enable their systems. System owners have little choice but to trust that their vendor has developed deep PKI expertise and advanced knowledge of the Federal Trust Fabric to have created PIV support in their product. ICAM ProofCards allow you to Trust But Verify. Whether you are the OEM that has struggled to simulate the credentialing infrastructure and needs assurance that your system works correctly under any condition or you are a system owner interested in verifying your installed base, ICAM ProofCards provide both a known good and known bad baseline.

CertiPath, the leader in high-assurance identity management and security solutions, now offers ICAM ProofCards. These ICAM ProofCards have been specifically created to leverage the testing infrastructure of the GSA Approved Products List to provide the closest possible approximation of the conditions a product will be tested under at the GSA FICAM APL lab.

ICAM ProofCards™ / The Gold Standard for testing.

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